ROPI Book Table of Contents

Here is the Maximizing Your ROPI© Return on Your People Investment book Table of Contents:


People are your greatest asset (…and greatest frustration!)

Some background about this book

Defining some key terms

Action Plan

1.0  The job of a people manager

1.1 Making good decisions

1.2 Understanding what your people expect of you as their manager

1.3 Directing the priority of work

1.4 Understanding how compensation affects work

1.5 Solving problems

1.6 Doing more with less

2.0  Cost of turnover and the benefits of retention

2.1 The truth about burnout

3.0  Assessing what you’ve got

3.1 Start with the people you already have then fill in where needed

3.2 A discussion of the three “Cs”

3.3 Use their job descriptions as a basis for discussion

4.0  Do you have the “best people” working for you?

5.0  Hiring

5.1 How to attract the “Best People”

5.1.1 Establishing the “Best Pay and Benefits”

5.1.2 Creating the “Best Working Conditions”

5.1.3 Providing the “Best Management Support”

5.1.4 Working with the “Best People around You”

5.1.5 Creating the “Best Organization”

5.1.6 Working with the “Best Products and Services”

5.2 Recruiting and Hiring

5.2.1 Recruiting and Hiring Process

6.0  Enabling the “Best People”

6.1 Establishing and Communicating Expectations

6.1.1  Establishing Job Descriptions for each position in the organization

6.1.2  Creating and implementing effective Processes/Procedures

6.1.3  Setting Goals and Objectives for each position

6.2  Providing Training and Development

6.2.1 How to assess the need for training

6.2.2 How to manage training so as to maximze your return on the investment in it

6.2.3 Team member development

6.3  Providing Resources

6.4  Coaching

6.4.1 Future-focused brings better results

6.4.2 Getting people to take action

6.4.3 Catching people doing things right

6.4.4 ASK-ADD coaching process

6.4.5 Using job descriptions to drive performance

6.4.6 Improving performance with objectives

6.4.7 Recognition as a coaching tool

7.0  Retention and Turnover

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