Maximize your Return on People Investment!

This website supports my book Maximizing Your ROPI© – Return on Your People Investment.

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Implement the actions described in my book to maximize the Return on Your People Investment (ROPI©).  Use the many assessments and checklists to determine where you stand on all the key elements of creating the “best job” in the “best place to work.”  Then it’s time to get to work because only when you’ve taken ALL the actions described in the book will you truly be able to attract and retain the “best people”.

The “best people” do more, make more money, engage clients better and stay longer.  They are good team members, represent your organization with pride and are always looking to be even better.  The “best people” will be attracted to (…and more importantly stay in) the “best job.”

As I say in the closing line of the book, “It’s a lot of work – the benefits are definitely worth it!

Are you willing to do what it takes to attract and retain the “best people”?

John C. Strom